Wildlives Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
A more comprehensive list of the costs involved in wildlife rescue appears on the Tiggywinkles website. However, Wildlives costs differ slightly from those of Tiggywinkles, by virtue of its location, the presence of other local organisations specialising in particular species, and the fact that Wildlives is smaller.
First of all, Wildlives must have insurance - to cover all volunteers and visitors to the Centre, the hospital and its contents, and any material used at external shows and events. The insurance bill is £3,500 per year. Thus, although strictly speaking, one might say that not all funds are spent directly on the animals, if there was no insurance, there could be no volunteers - and thus, no Wildlives!
The electricity bill - covering ordinary lighting and heating, infra red lamps, the pump, and CCTV system - adds up to about £4,200 per year.
Below are some of Wildlives' animal care costs. Take a look: some of them might surprise you.
To feed an adult hedgehog during an average five week stay: £15 - £20
To administer a routine course of treatment to a hedgehog: £20 - £30
All hedgehogs admitted to Wildlives are given a routine course of treatment to combat problems which - although not externally visible - may exist, and which may be extremely debilitating to an animal that is weak through hunger or injury. For example, all hedgehogs are treated for lungworm.
To feed one baby bird for one week: £6 - £7
During the summer months, we are completely innundated with baby birds! Most require feeding regularly, at intervals of 20 - 30 minutes. Depending on the species, they may require liquid food, mealworms, cat food, dried insects, various types of bird seed, and - in the case of larger birds - dead chicks.
To carry out a routine blood test on a fox: £54.98
To have a small mammal anaesthetised, x-rayed and its wounds cleaned: £92.34
To give a muntjac fawn life-saving treatment: £64.40
To treat a fox with multiple infected breaks to one leg: £622.03
To carry out one fecal lab test: £48.41
A home visit in the case of larger animals in too bad a condition to be moved: £35.00
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