The new CCTV system at Wildlives now gives us many facilities and advantages that enable us to care for the animals even better and maintain high security levels.
The camera is able to see the whole of the property, and is able to film even at night due to special lights - it is amazing to see how clear and bright the picture is while the animals think it is pitch dark! The camera is able to zoom in to over 200x magnification, which is digitally enhanced. This enables us to inspect healing wounds and injuries extremely closely, and see clearly whether infection had set in or all is well - all without the animal knowing anyone is looking. With the incredible detail we can examine anything in camera view as clearly as if we were standing right beside it.
Of course, the animals rarely behave naturally when we are around, especially the nocturnal ones. The camera has already proved invaluable in showing us that Aragorn was ready for release. Without seeing his activity at night, we would probably have kept him for longer to be sure he was fit, which would have had an adverse effect on his ability to reclaim his territory. When we are not watching the animals, the camera automatically pans around the property with a full 360 degree turn, detecting movement and automatically inspecting the area. As a result we have all enjoyed watching the activities of a pair of wild foxes, who are regular 'stars' in our viewing of the recordings.
The camera Records 24 hours a day, and all the footage is recorded onto a hard disk. A whole night's activity can be reviewed very quickly thanks to the intelligent recorder/player, and the cheap medium means we can store all our records cost-effectively.
Wildlives would like to thank GCS systems for making this possible - Paul and Dan were not only unfailingly helpful during the installation of the system, explaining its workings, and continuing support, but they donated a large part of their time and effort for nothing. We have no hesitation in recommending their services. GCS can be contacted at:
GCS Alarms Ltd.,
Essex House,
Stephenson Road,
Gorse Lane Industrial Estate,
Clacton on Sea,
Essex, CO15