Wildlives Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
Helping injured or sick hedgehogs
If you see a hedgehog out in the daylight, there is always something wrong, as they are naturally nocturnal.
Place it in a dark box with a towel-covered hot water bottle. You can offer a dish of water and good quality meat (not fish) dog or cat food, but never attempt to force the animal to eat or drink.
If the animal is so weak it is collapsed then it may be unable to swallow, and putting water in the mouth would simply choke it.
If you accidentally unearth a hedgehog nest with babies, put the covering back, using gloves, as quickly and quietly as possible.
Never touch the babies, as your smell may cause the mother to abandon or eat them.
If you suspect they have already been abandoned, leave them for a while then very quietly check back an hour later to see if the mother has returned.
If not, the babies can be placed in a dark box with a towel-covered hot water bottle while you seek professional advice.
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