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Wildlives receives no private funding: it is entirely dependent on donations from members of the public. If you would like to make a donation to the Centre, you can send us a cheque (see Contact Wildlives page for our address). Alternatively, fill out the standing order form and send it to us. Even a few pounds a month would be of great help.
Whilst people have always been very generous, Wildlives' dependency on donations inevitably means that funding is a continuous and urgent problem for the Centre.
For example, in the financial year of 2004 - 2005, Wildlives spent £31,246.10 on caring for and treating our local wildlife. £2,500 of that sum came out of Rosie's savings. This is a situation that cannot continue much longer.
In the past, Wildlives has devoted little attention to fundraising. Donations were welcome, but volunteers did not actually go out promoting the Centre and asking for support. This attitude was borne out of necessity rather than a lack of concern with fundraising: all volunteers were needed to look after the animals. This is the primary work of the Centre and must always be the priority.
2005 however, was a particularly bad year, and the Centre was forced to close on two occasions during the busiest period. It became clear that something had to be done promptly to ensure the survival of Wildlives.
There were several steps taken following this decision. One of them was the creation of the Wildlives Supporters Group. The Group is for people who support the work carried on at Wildlives, and wish to make a small contribution to ensure its survival. The idea is that people pay £25 per year, and renew their memberships annually. Despite the diminutive size of the sum (it works out at about 52p per week), it will add up to a substantial contribution towards the funding of the Centre. Members do not receive mountains of junk mail. They will receive a key ring and a car sticker so that they can show their support and - if they wish - they may also receive a copy of Wildlives' bi-annual newsletter in the post.
If you would like to join the Group, click on the link on the menu above to download an application form.
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