Wildlives rescues, treats and hopefully goes on to release everything from Bats to Barn Owls, Hedgehogs to Herons.
Different enclosures, covering 6 acres of land, provide as natural an environment as possible for our patients.
Member of the
European Wildlife
Rehabilitation Association.

Registered Charity Number 1104167
Slug Pellet warning

Our News Letters go back to 2002. They are full of interesting articles about the development of the centre and animals we have saved.
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 Wildlives are in need of funds, please:

Hold a coffee morning
Get your friends to sponsor you to do something (Nothing Dangerous)
or just donate what you can using the PayPal link below Wildlives
You can now donate on your phone,

Text OCFW30 to 70070 with the amount they wish to donate which can be anything from £1 to £100

So OCFW30 £1 will be a £1.00 donation and OCFW30 £10 will be a £10.00 donation
Great News
Wildlives is back up and running  see the December Newsletter
Laura Abbott is doing "Tough Mudder"! to help refurbish and restock Wildlives Hospital

 :Laura says "I must be bonkers!!!! Yes, I'm actually going to push my body to the limit and take on this crazy course of extreme obstacles and rise up to the challenge!
I made my decision on this local charity because the lady who runs it (Rosie Catford) has helped not only me, but so many people with poorly, injured or baby wildlife, when we've had nowhere else to go.

Go to Laura's page to find out more
Hedgehog Warning
Bonfires are perfect sleeping areas for hedgehogs and every year many get burnt alive. If you are having a bonfire, just make sure you move it shortly before lighting it and this will allow hedgehogs to move to safety.
Every penny counts.

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